Under the Trainyard
Dani and I pass over the Trinity River all the time, but I only just noticed a sizable outfall from the top of the bridge just the other day.  We doubled back to check it out after lunch.  It turned out we needed boots to make any real progress, 

Because there was no easy place to park near the tunnels, we drove down the street to a community park.  This stream ran along the back of the park, then under and alongside the road where we wanted to go.

This is the view down the canal on the other side of the bridge I went under in the previous picture.

The canal also goes in the opposite direction for a mile or two, but it just peters out as a small, unpaved ditch.

In the background you can see the bridge we spotted the outfalls from.

Here are the entrances.  At the top of the wall behind me is a huge trainyard that these tunnels run beneath.

We took the big tunnel first since we scouted the other one earlier in the day before we had our gear (i.e., camera, boots, and GPS).  We didn't need a flashlight since it was fairly sunny outside and the light reflected off of the pavement outside right into the entrance.

This is closer to the end of the tunnel.  There was less gravel at this point and the tunnel was generally cleaner on all sides.  For example, there were no mini "stalactites."

And then we came out into a very wide area that was completely paved. 

According to the GPS, the tunnel was 458 feet long, and the canal in front of me was 462 feet long.


This was the outfall to the whole thing, with the water emptying into the Trinity River.

Above/behind Dani is a jogging path along the river.  A couple joggers stopped to try and figure out what we were up to while they pretended to stretch.

After this we headed back into the smaller tunnel.

I'm pointing at another bird nest.  We see these just about as often as we see homeless people while exploring.

About a third of the way back, a ledge starts out.

We didn't get a good picture of it, but at the far end of the ledge in this picture are a pair of cushions from an old sofa, obviously for someone seeking shelter from the rain.

We headed back after this, but here is an interesting sight...

Note the small pipe through the side of the canal to the right of where Dani is sitting.  The tree on the opposite side of her is actually growing out of one of these.

And I thought I was persistent!

Alexplored 2/15/04.

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