Train Track Tunnel
This was the first one of the day we explored.  I didn't even realize there was a waterway that ran through this part of town, but the nature of exploration is being surprised.  Phil found this one on GoogleEarth, I think.

Part of the stream that passes beneath the train tracks and heads into the river.  These were only a few feet high.  That's a telephone pole in the foreground working its way in.

Farther upstream is the tunnel, hidden away in the woods.

The entrance.  The annoying thing about tunnels of precisely this size is that you don't have to crouch so long as you walk in the center.  But the second you deviate from that course as you're looking at the floor... bang!

Ah, a little room where I didn't have to worry about scraping my head.  Phil has hair and he wears a hat even in the summer.  I should learn my lesson.

I guess they changed their minds.  "Nah, 12" is good enough.  Forget what I said earlier."

Stink.  Whenever you see the blue and especially if you see the white, that's a leaking sewer line somewhere.

I sometimes thing maybe the pipes cutting across are just to ensure no one uses these as bike trails.

Then it started getting smaller.  This would have been okay on bikes still, but we grew tired of the hunchback impression after a while and turned back.

Alexplored 6/15/08.
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