The Power Plant Tower Demolition
As luck would have it, we happened to be heading out to another exploration nearby the morning the two towers were about to be demolished (Wanna bet Google sends a bunch of LotR fans this way based on those key words?).  Silent Search and Dokk were already waiting for us, but we were running late (Ben and Celeste stayed over the night before).  They arrived near the power station and phoned us when they found out the towers were coming down.  We missed the first one, but we made it there about ten minutes before this one came down.

Everyone gathered on this levee across the river fork from the power plant.

Get ready... Now watch for the charges going off at the bottom...




And smoke!

Skipping a few shots ahead, here's how wide the cloud got.  We were lucky the breeze was going upstream and away from us.

Later we ended up across the river (note the buildings in the background).

Those guys are walking "up" the side of the tower which is now flattened.  They had previously demolished the structure to the right of the frame.

A close-up of the remains of the tower.

Dokk was on the other side of the river ahead of us and caught things without the sun shining in his eyes.




And here's the dust cloud.

Alexplored 9/4/05.
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