Torture Motel

Okay, I probably should never bother stopping in places like this in the daylight even, but we were in an exploring mood already, and this spot looked interesting.  Well, it was certainly that.  I'm not sure if it was inspired by Tarantino or vice versa, but you're not likely to read about this former motel in any travel magazine not edited by Uli Roth or Chuck Palahniuk.

This seems to have been the front office at some point in time.  Actually, it was behind the motel itself, all of which is torn down next except for this inexplicable structure.

Of special interest among all the debris out here is that rod-like implement on the overturned mattress...

...which was a make-shift cattle-prod.


  • Golf club with head broken off
  • Electrical plug with ~3' of wire
  • Light switch (SPST)
  • Electrical tape
  • Hooker who won't pay up for her pimp

Here's a close-up of the switch along with the extensive use of the tape.

The other (i.e., business) end where the plug was located served as a sort of taser to induce what was likely quite a bit of pain and severe burns (i.e., relatively low voltage but high current unless they used a transformer... which I doubt).

I'm not sure how the apparatus was powered since the line was cut off at the handle... maybe after someone cried mercy and revealed what he did with the embezzed money he was supposed to have deposited.

Gee, thanks, city officials.  I mean, I was seriously planning on staying here if you (and the cattle prod) hadn't warned me.

A look inside the remaining building.  It's something of a mess.

I really would have liked to have gone inside and taken a more thorough look around, but this is (I think obviously!) not the neighborhood you want to be cornered in an abandoned motel in.

A lot of trash was sitting outside in the weather, but they brought in the bags of leaves.  WTF?

Here's the pile of trash.

And this tv/stereo/something was interesting.  I guess they put someone's head through it after tiring of being shocked with the home-made torture device.  You can only push Bruce Willis so far, you know.

Update: A year later and around the corner...
The trash outside has all been removed from the property (and yet a recycling bin remains that there's obviously no need for).  The place itself has been boarded over by the city*.

*These thick boards are almost always the same color and have a bunch of holes drilled in them as see at left.  An alternative paranoid delusion is that these are organisms that seal in vagrants where they will find a new definition of pain and suffering as they are slowly digested over a thousand years.

Behind the motel was an abandoned wheelbarrow and (in the distance) an abandoned stroller.  I checked, but thankfully there was no baby inside.  However...

...around the corner there was this building on top of the hill.  This was at the end of a street in a neighborhood.  There were people out at the time, so I snuck up over here.  (I could always slide down the hill to the right and evade anyone who saw me.)

The back of the place was falling apart from above.

The sides were overgrown, but were also wide open.

Inside was an even bigger mess.  Furniture was overturned and walls were busted through.  Someone clearly went on a bender one night.

More dilapidation (I think I just made up a word!).

The window has the same boards with holes in them I pointed out earlier if you were paying attention instead of just scrolling down looking for more interesting things.

Yeah, you probably wouldn't want to know what a black light would pick up here.  I'm curious who else keeps a spare tire next to their bed though.

Alexplored 6/14/06. Upated 7/16/07.
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