The Stock Yards Tunnel
SilentSearch and Dokk found this tunnel on a trip out here a couple weeks before this trip.  I was busy, so I didn't go with them, but it turned out I knew exactly where they were talking about.  While the stock yards buildings are still still in use as restaurants, museums, etc., the tunnel has long since been nothing more than an incidental (perhaps vestigal might be a better word) part of the facilities.

A view of downtown FW from across the river, just to orient you.

Check out the old red bricks paving the way into the tunnel.  The streets around this part of town are made from the same stuff.  Apparently the city thinks this is "rustic."  I find it annoying to drive over because you have to raise your voice an extra 10dB to continue the conversation you started on the concrete portion of the road.

You can see into the tunnel at several points from above.  Note the railing behind Dokk.

The tunnel dog-legs in a spot or two, but basically it goes all the width of the stock yards.

From the restaurant above, you can look down through the glass into the tunnel.  They keep the light on in here all the time so patrons can see the tunnel.  That's got to be about the most boring thing I've ever heard of.

Another view.

Here's the dead-end from the inside of the tunnel.

This is the opposite end, but it's boarded up just past the shadow.  A friend and I discovered this end one night and wondered where it led to.  Now we know, though not why it's blocked from this end.

Alexplored 8/28/05.  Some pics from Dokk.
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