The Squirter
In keeping with the sexually-tinged nature of naming tunnels (well, Three-way Tunnel being the only stand-out example, we ended up naming this one for the weirdest thing in it.  Read on. 

The tunnel consisted of two parallel paths with occasional cross-overs.

Here Dani places her jeans insider her boots.  Apparently, this makes them more effective when submerged.

There was a lot of graffiti at the entrance.  Why is it these kids can't even spell four letter words?  Oh, and "Bitches" has an "e" when it is plural.

Curiously, the graffiti of the marijuana leaf I'm obscuring in this shot had seven leaves, which begs the question, "Just what exactly were these kids smoking?!"

Here was the only thing worth commenting on in this tunnel.  This pipe forcibly sprayed water at the wall the entire time we were in the tunnel, with no decrease in the intensity of the stream.

The pipe appeared to be a regular drainage pipe, not a broken water conduit, so I have no idea where this was all coming from.

The whole tunnel was only about a quarter of a mile and ended just past the "squirting" pipe pictured above.  Beyond that, the shafts lowered to back-breaking heights.

Alexplored 1/8/05.
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