Spaghetti Warehouse Ruins Basement, Part II
The day after Dani and I had our little car crash, we were out getting some groceries and other things (e.g., pain killers!) that she needed done while I was still in town to help (I was on my way to visit my parents the next day).  We happened to have a flashlight in my car and were in the neighborhood, so I figured I would try this site one more time to finish the job.

Here is the aforementioned entrance, exactly as I found it the first time we passed by here.

This room and the one beyond were covered with up to an inch of water from what I would have thought was relatively little rain.

This is the view around the corner of the darkened section I didn't pursue last time. 

In the center of the frame is the opened door of the circuit breaker box for the building.

Past the breaker box was a hallway maybe 30 ft. long before it curves to the left.  This photo was taken at that turn.

Looking straight ahead at that turn is a dead end into a small shaft....

And here is a close-up of that shaft.  It goes forward maybe another 20 ft., but apparently ends at that point and the pipes are buried from there onward.

There was no visible entrance to the building from this area, so the whole thing was kind of disappointing.

This probably serves as a shelter for vagrants, as evidenced by the clothing and food wrappers.  Thankfully, I was the only visitor this time as I had to leave the previously injured Dani in the car just out of earshot!

Alexplored 12/28/03.

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