Spaghetti Warehouse Ruins Basement
Just between the "historic" stock yards and the ruins of the Swift plant, is a huge building that was once a Spaghetti Warehouse restaurant.  It has been abandoned for more than a year, so we passed by it just to see what was left.  Lo and behold, the basement was opened wide for us to explore!

This is the view down the stairs leading to the basement.  How can you not want to check this out?

This is the view to the right at the bottom of the stairs.

Unfortunately, it was so dark in there that I just plain couldn't see.  I was actually using the flash on my camera to see, which is why this and several other shots are taken from belt-level.

The view to the left...

There was light coming from this room, so I went ahead to check it out.

...But it was a dead end of a mini-boiler room.  The light was a bulb in a socket on the wall to the left.

So I doubled back to check out the other (pitch freakin' black!) end of the corridor.

As you can see, the corridor continues up ahead, turning to the right.  However, with my battery indicator flashing and seeing for only a few milli- seconds at a time with my camera flashing, it was impossible to proceed without a flashlight.

It's probably impossible to photograph through the windows of the restaurant, but among all the rest of the graffiti we left our D'n'A mark for Dani and Ale[x].

'Til next time...

UPDATE:  We went back to this site to finish the journey.  Click for Part II.

Alexplored 12/21/03.

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