The Soda Ash Factory, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Finally we headed to the back of the complex and found...

...more lockers.

And a shower.  The memo went out shortly after this that car had their own showers at the gas station.  They're called car washes.

One of the buildings at the back of the complex.

Hey, Mr. OCD, how'd ya get your desk so clean?

Somewhere out there is a band who would love to have this as a practice space.

Up on the balcony with all the wealthy patrons.

Would you believe it?  I have been looking all over for one of those!

If I knew the instruction manual for a Gyro-Whip Sifter was so complicated, I would have checked the return policy from

The contents of Jaws' stomach.  Speaking of which...

At this point, I really have run out of things to be surprised by. 

"Abandoned boat full of trash surrounded by tires in the middle of a sea of concrete in the middle of an abandonment in the middle of nowhere" was the very last item on my urbex scavenger hunt checklist.

Here's a better look at the strangest thing that hasn't yet been sold on yet.

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