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I hadn't been here in almost two years and Dani hadn't been at all, so we stopped off as part of a mini-marathon of re-explorations one weekend.  I wanted to see if anything had changed at some of the sites I had visited in the past.  If you haven't seen the previous galleries, you'll miss out on what has changed, so please check them out.

I took a job as a security guard outside the place for about a minute.  It didn't pay anything at all.  The boss wasn't around, so I figured I'd just let in Dani and then I promptly quit my job there.

Dani is intensely interested in arts and crafts and though she denies it, this is what our living room would look like if she had her way.

This is what Dani's living room looked like when I first met her, only about 90% of the crap on the floor were craft books and papers that needed to be filed from grad school.

Okay, this has GOT TO STOP.

Last time I was here, there was ONE boat.  WTF is going on here?!

I thought about taking out the original one for a spin in Used Tire Lake...

...but there was a bit too much ballast to get us going at a good speed.  Oh, and there wasn't a motor.

Uh, yeah, right.  AWA spray painted his initials (or tag or whatever it is) everywhere.  And if (t)he(y) really wants this piece of junk, then have at it, buddy.

Another look at the tires (and wheels in some cases).  I'm looking for an abandoned bi-plane just so we'll have every form of transportation represented here.

Okay, where's the truck?  Remember last time?  I can't imagine you could drive the thing out of here.

And where did all these tires come from?  Those weren't here last time! 

Conclusion: The truck exploded into a bunch of used tires.  There's your conservation of mass, suckas!

Speaking of chemistry...

Yay, soda ash!

Granted, I have absolutely no idea what you'd do with it.

I can't believe wind was responsible for these holes, so I'm going to blame the birds on the roof.

Seriously, WTF?!

I didn't check out everywhere in this site the way we did last time, but they could have the Titanic stored here these days for all I know.  We had other sites we wanted to hit on this particular day, so we moved on.

Alexplored 6/16/07.
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