The Soda Ash Factory
The abandoned industrial area sits just outside of Fort Worth collecting dust and producing nothing but my curiosity....

Here's a view from above courtesy of Google Earth.  We entered on the left and worked our way back from there much as people usually do politically.  Funny how that works, isn't it?

Here's the front entrance.  No one was at the gate, so we walked on in like it was Alice's Restaurant.

The offices in the front building, though technically boarded up, were wide open since the back door was unlocked...

...and of course that meant vandals found the place.  I'm amazed when we find places.  How do the vandals get there first?  I mean, sometimes we have to drive all over the place to find crap like this, and they've already been there and busted shit up?

Lots of blueprints.  I don't know what for, so obviously something really important.

I realize not everyone uses a recycling bin (because there's a bell curve for IQ too, you know), but how do you spill this much paperwork when you move out of somewhere?

And what are the odds of a meteorite punching a hole through the roof like this?

I couldn't tell if a vagrant took up residence here or not.  This appeared to be part of a first aid station since medical things (e.g., bandaids, etc.) were everywhere on the floor here.  Or maybe it was good planning in case someone fell down and cut themselves, that was the stuff would already be right there.

That's an interesting look.  Also something to consider if you have migraines or a lot of hangovers.

There's nothing left to tag that hasn't been already, dammit.  I'm just going to stick to the internet.

A locker room.  With streamers!  Does this not feel like a recipe for gay porn?

Hey, buddy, wanna date?

The most reliable way of dating a site is to find the last wall calendar in the place.  It's amazing that places will sit there like this one has for all this time.

I don't know what was in the bucket, but the bucket's kicked the bucket.

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