The TB Sanitorium
No, this wasn't a sanitarium (i.e., a place for crazy people); it was a sanitorium.  According to Wikipedia, "A sanatorium (also sanitorium, sanitarium) is a medical facility for long-term illness, typically cholera or tuberculosis. Distinctions are sometimes made between a "sanitarium" (a hospital) and "sanatorium" (a kind of health resort), but this distinction appears to be disappearing."

That's the place.  Out in the middle of nowhere as far from me as possible.  Exactly where you should be if you have TB and I don't.

Here's part of the main building.  With the windows busted out, it has the better ventilation that was sorely needed in the treatment of these patients.

I'll bet these tiles have seen more bleach than Courtney Love's hair and syringes combined.

While the tiles held up pretty well, the rest of the place wasn't in such great shape.

A lot of areas in the building were gutted for material/parts.  For example, the wall pictured here is missing plumbing where someone systematically took a hammer to it and several other hundred yards of (presumably) copper lines.

Dead dog.  Maybe a vampire dog?  This was a bathroom, and it you're treating TB, then you should probably have hot and cold running holy water from Lourdes.  Say you put out a bowl out for the vampire dog?  He's dumb, so he'll drink it.  He's doesn't realize he's the spawn of a demon, so he'll turn to dust.  Be careful not to hyperventilate if this happens though.  Remember, you've got TB.

More busted out walls.  Personally, I can empathize with his frustration.  I don't understand either why there isn't a magazine rack in here.

The cupboards were bare.  Actually, pretty much everything was removed from the place.  There was evidence of a huge fire out back where lots of things were burned at some point in time.  I don't know when this occurred, but you would probably want everything these patients touched to be sterilized to the point of no one handling it ever again.  Fire fits that bill all right.

Can you imagine coughing so badly you did this?  Yeah, it's a terrible disease, TB.

Next to the main building was this old house...

...that was full of junk.

Sadly, my camera's batteries crapped out on me around this point, and my spares were too weak to do any better, so I didn't get to shoot much more that morning.

Alexplored 1/8/06.
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