The Swift Meat Packing Plant Ruins, Part IV
Continuing where we left off...

Dani's looking down on me from the fourth floor.

I'm on the second floor stepping into the opening of what I think must have been the furnace.

Still more unexpected life (the cactus, I mean, not the girlfriend with the pensive look on her face). 

In spite of appearances, this area is pavement with just a fine layer of rubble over it.

This is the big slaughter house we passed on the way into the complex... and it's where the adventure really begins!

The sign says "Dog Training Institute."  I would love to know more about this chapter in the ruins' history.

Though the flash didn't carry very far, you might be able to make out my image just left of center.

I'm leaning against the railing in the background.  Beyond that, the floor drops away.  There is another room in the other half roughly this size.

Shortly after we took this picture we heard a shopping cart being rolled along the pavement outside.  We peeked out and saw a vagrant and his dog heading in our direction pushing the cart.  we didn't take any chances and made a fast getaway!

This door is opposite the direction I was facing above.  This was the only way out other than to head into the "basement" (first floor).

This is a picture that Dani took of the same doorway as above.  She liked the "stairway to nowhere" image, although it isn't immediately obvious in this picture.  The roof gave way out from under the base of the stairs, exposing the passageway below.

Anyway, before the homeless guy could head into the building, we took off through here and went to the right.  The whole area is fenced in to keep the public out (ha!), but there is a break through one of the windows a little further along.  Thankfully, I remembered this, so Dani and I high-tailed it that way and jumped down to the street.

Fortunately, the homeless guy never even saw us.  He headed straight past the slaughterhouse and out the gate we came in through.

As we went out past the stock yards a little later, we saw that he was carting huge water bottles which he took to the stock yards to fill up from the faucets there.

Considering the fact that there was no entrance to the complex from the direction he came, he had to be living in one of the buildings we hadn't explored yet.

But none of this explains why vagrants always have dogs?!

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