The Swift Meat Packing Plant Ruins, Part III
Continuing where we left off...

...And then I was killed when the roof caved in.
(The rest of this page was ghost-written.)

Here's a fourth floor view of the slaughter house.

Another cave- in.

Remember the tree growing out of the hole in the roof?  This is where it starts!

From this picture, I guess it's fairly obvious I really am Batman.  Please don't tell anyone.

Dani hung back while I went to the 2nd floor.

These holes are all through this floor in this one area.  I would assume they were originally for the plumbing, but they're spaced pretty far apart, so I don't know. 

Dani heads to the next building.

Here's the exterior of the building we just left.  Note the trees (still more of them!) growing out of the side of the building on the right of the frame.

Dani and I climb the stairs of the next building.  Here, too, the elevator was out of order. (sigh...)

That's my disembodied head and feet in a spooky room on the top floor.  There are probably ghosts in this picture as well, but they don't do digital cameras.

The light from above was from holes in the ceiling.  We viewed these from the roof as well, but didn't take any pictures.

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