The Swift Meat Packing Plant Ruins, 2nd expedition: Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Near the north end of the complex was this massive building with its roof ready to cave in at any moment.

Oh, you thought I was kidding about the roof.

In another room further on, the floor was swept so clean I couldn't even come up with an analogy for it.

These are the remains of what Mike proposed might have been the power station.  There are large holes throughout, but they are filled with the former building materials when it was sucked into the ground by the spirit of an angry shaman.

With the stairwell completely collapsed, the only way into the upstairs of this next building was via the ladder on the side.
Inside we found occasional bits of clothing lying around, although much of it had been swept into one corner.  Here also, the floors were surprisingly clean.

This had to have been the prize possession of one of the former occupants of the ruins.

Actually, Dani and I had seen this bed with sheets and other belongings on our first visit to the complex.  Even though this was the second floor, this room was visible from the roof of one of the other buildings.

As a result of seeing this, Dani completely avoided this place in case their owner was nearby.

And then we headed over here...

...where Mike got the idea into his head that he could fly.  (The illusion on works if you turn your head 90 degrees to the left.)

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