The Swift Meat Packing Plant Ruins, 2nd expedition
Technically, this was my third trip to the ruins, but the first trip was made before we started photographing things.  The second trip was aborted due to a near-encounter with a vagrant, and for whatever reason we just never made the return trip to finish documenting this site.  Well, Mike hadn't been through here before, so this was a great opportunity.  Some of these pics are from him as well.

Since the last time I had been here, the city put up additional fences to complicate the otherwise lives of the vagrants who live here.

Of course, you could just do what we did and walk around the edge of the fence on one side and enter through there.  There's even well-worn paths through the grass.

On the south end of the complex we found loads of trash people had dumped.  Unfortunately, all the greedy homeless people had gotten all the good stuff.

Basically, since we entered from the opposite side as I had before, we did everything in the reverse order as I had seen it, starting with with all the places I didn't get to on my previous visits. 

Here's the first actual building we checked out.

The odd thing is that there is evidence of interior walls throughout many of these buildings, but they are gone in a lot of places.  This is pretty much the whole place.

There's a great piece of graffiti by teenagers celebrating the sometime residents of this place.  It reads: "Stay out of my house. I'm the killer bum."  How quaint!

This shot was taken right before that big metal thing dumped all its contents on Mike's head.

These train tracks run through the middle of the complex and right up to a huge scale...

...behind which was this hole...

...which led up to this old-fashioned scale.  Cool, huh?  Fine... then quit reading.

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