The Swift Meat Packing Plant Ruins
Just a short walk from the old stock yards in Fort Worth are the ruins of Swift's Meat Packing Plant.  This is a huge complex of perhaps a dozen or more buildings of various sizes and states of disrepair.  This is an urban explorer's dream, and, indeed, the trails are well-worn through the weeds where only the adventurous and homeless dare to tread....

Dani and I had explored this complex once before, back before we started photographing our explorations.  This time both Dani and I brought our cameras along, although nothing beats being there and seeing it for yourself.  However, if this site isn't enough for you, check out more pics from some other adventurers at this site or an even larger gallery here.

Even before you enter the complex itself, you start to encounter ruins.  This trench (about 4 ft. deep here) was across the street and continued for many feet beyond in the distance.

This is the easiest entrance to the complex.  Not that the falling- down fence around the rest of the place is a formidable barrier exactly. 

Here's an entrance into the building to the right in the previous pic.  It's beyond me why someone went to such effort to pry their way into this door when it's wide open just around the corner.

We skipped over the big building (the slaughter house) and went ahead to the building on the left ahead.

Before we reached that building, here's a spot where the basement must have collapsed.  The hole just in front of me is about 10 feet deep.

Here's a better view of the first stop on our tour.

That's me in the distance with Dani taking a picture from the entrance.  Those pillars are the only thing keeping this place from being another pile of bricks.

Dani in graffiti land!

As with the Spaghetti Warehouse basement we explored later in the day, I didn't have a flashlight, so I used the flash from the camera to see into the basement at the bottom of the stairs.

And this is the view to the right. 

The fact that I didn't even go half-way down these stairs ought to tell you how freaking dark it was here!

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