Under Roaring Springs
Dani and I had seen a terrific looking outfall just off of White Settlement Rd. a few weeks back.  At the time, I dropped down in and saw that it was a bit of a tunnel, so we made it a point to return.  Here are the results of that trip....

Here's the outfall.  Very impressive!  Very inviting!

The worst thing about this was getting into here.  We had to climb over the railing and jump (read: drop!) down to the blocks while maintaining our balance and not sliding into the algae. 

The alternative was to go in at the bottom through water that was well over our boots.

Ah, the tunnels!  They were narrow, but very high.

And they curved around, too.  This was something new; tunnels typically turn in rigid angles.

Unfortunately, this one was all too brief.  This spot was only perhaps two or three hundred feet from the entrance; far enough to go just beyond the road in into the backyard of a very rich residence.

The two tunnels merged at this point.

That's Dani's peeking through the ivy.  The gate pictured above (and barely visible at left) rotated up to allow the flow of water to push larger debris beneath it in a hard rain.

Disappointed, we returned to the car in search of more adventure.

Alexplored 3/21/04.

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