A River Tunnel
There are several tunnels that empty into the Trinity River close to downtown.  This was one Melancholy had found and previous explored by himself.  For whatever reason, I went back with him.

Here's an entrance.  The river goes right on up into it, so you see...

...fish swimming right on in for a little ways.  This guy was only a couple inches long, so I didn't do my impression of a bear swatting salmon.

It got pretty shallow fairly quickly, even though there were deeper spots ahead.

I don't know what was up with the smeared-up walls.

They came to a stop ahead though because most trends in art burn themselves out quickly, even underground.

A small side tunnel we skipped.  Beyond this things grew too small to make it worth our while, and we were under an unfashionable part of town anyway.

I'm finding a lot of cell phones in tunnels these days on account of boyfriends getting pissed off by the ladies which makes them throw their cells on the streets next to curbside drains.

Alexplored 3/3/06.
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