The Power Plant, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Nice winders.

Wide and long view of the section along the east side.

Best shot I have to give you a frame of reference on the winders.

Crane thing.  Or something.  Don't listen to me.  I have no idea.

View of the opposite end with miniature people.

Here's a close-up from later on when we were actually up on the higher level, but it was still too far away to get an autograph.

We narrowly avoided being hit by lasers shot at us from Cylons outside.

In only one section a lot of instrumentation remained.  Power to the people.

I want my walls decorated like this.  Seriously.

More coolness.

A list of telephone numbers posted March 12, 1973.  Just in case you were looking for someone fresh to prank call.

Some spots where the UFOs landed.

A peek out one of the doors reveals a tree about twelve feet high growing out of the roof.  This is indeed the power plant.

More neat walkways from which the Joker can taunt the Batman that he can't save Vicki Vale and Gotham, so chose, you pointy-eared freak!

Rows of containers where meter boxes or equivalent instrumentation was installed at one time.  At first I thought this area was a locker room, and I started looking for a towel to snap the other guys with.

Another cool view.  Of course, this is a complete misrepresentation of the place since so much of it was wide-open single-level spaces.  Kind of the opposite of those apartment ads, you know?

Quick, swat it before it jumps on one of us and lays eggs in our ears!

On another part of the roof.  Cause we ran out of insides to explore.

Alexplored 10/16/05.  Some pics from Dokk.
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