FW Shopping Center, Part II
We went back to the tunnel we passed over the last time we visited this site.  This tunnel goes straight forward with no sharp turns or any reduction in diameter for what felt like miles, although we probably only walked less than one full one.  Using a compass, we did discover it does gradually curve, but it feels like a shotgun barrel throughout.

Dani bought a pair of fancy head lights and gave them to me for an early xmas present.  Unfortunately, she was more enthralled with them than I, so she wore them on this trip.

(More about the lights on the gear page.)

I haven't managed to capture the scale of this drop, but to give you an idea, Dani had a hole in her jeans after sliding down here.

Remarkably, there were lots of little fish in the "river" this time around.  Reference coin is a USA quarter.

Since I already showed pictures of the scale of the tunnel's opening in the previous gallery, the next pictures jump right into the journey.

In the absence of good reference points and proper perspective, it's hard to convey direction in these images, but Dani is standing looking into the 3 ft. diameter tunnel pictured below.

And those are cobwebs on Dani's arm.

The similarity to the Blair Witch Project was unintentional.  But didja know they did that movie with GPS receivers?

This tunnel was angled upward at maybe 45 degrees from (or into, rather) the main one.  It's about 10 to 15 ft. up, so it was impossible to climb up it to check where it lead.  Maybe with more equipment some other time....

Here's another tunnel that fed into the main one.  Both of these fed into the same main shaft.  We didn't encounter any "rooms" so far.

And, no, the red-eye is not from the flash.  This is indeed the Devil's work!

This is a view of another, much smaller shaft up to a parking lot (no idea which one, but you could hear talking, keys jingling, car doors, etc.).  This shaft is ~12 inches wide and angled about 35 degrees downward.

Someone doesn't look like a happy 'splorer here!

Actually, because this tunnel was rounded with a fair amount of water, this was especially hard to go for long distances.  You really work those hips and thighs by doing an exaggerated cowboy stance for most of the way.

Alexplored 12/24/03.

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