The Municipal Complex, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

The spray paint says "Electric Dead" on the door.  I'm thinking this is a statement that the current was cut and that it was safe to sit on a big conductive metal thing that you were driving into the place.  Alternatively, maybe it's a reference to a band I've never heard of?

Oops.  We didn't make it in time to see this one.

However, the building right next door was still accessible.

Much like Oral Roberts, they pretty much knew the end was coming.

Why?  No idea.  I figure somebody just wanted to peek into the locker rooms.

Or maybe to give me opportunities to take pretentious photos like this.

Little house on what was headed for becoming a pairie.

Note the arrows next to the "N" indicating not to tear down that portion of the building.  For the moment, anyway.

Obstacle course.

Boxes and boxes of paperwork.  There was literally a ton of this stuff in this building.  I didn't dig in it to see what it was, though I kind of doubt it was important.  I mean, it was literally in the attic of a maintenance building.

No need to clean up when we're done, guys.  The bulldozers'll get it.

Can I take my wife's crock pot home to her?

No, leave everything!

Hey, "No" means No!  Get it?  (Demolition crews apparently have a very poor reputation in this department.)

One area appeared to be for accident reconstructions or something like that.  This was one of several models we found that were left behind in this building for us to play with for longer than was age-appropriate.

Believe it or not, this is nothing compared to Dani's parents' garage.

Oh, so that's how they make those.

Here's some irony.  There are tile samples, as though they were getting ready for construction.  Or maybe they used them in preparing the place they were moving into, wherever that was.

There's almost always a missing persons convention somewhere inside of an abandonment.

Since you probably have glaucoma (or maybe it's just the low rez gfx), I'll read the sign for you: It says Street Lights.  If you've got a guy on-site who makes the read thing for a living, then what the hell, right?  The tax-payers will cover it.

Brief update: I returned to the area with Dokk to show him this place about a week later, and much more of the place was torn down.  In fact, we were there while they were very much in the process of knocking things down.  Eventually it was all eliminated and the property was simply paved over as a parking lot.  Yeah, I've got that song in my head too now and I'm not happy about it either.
Alexplored 6/7/06.

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