The Military Subdivision: The End
While there was already quite a bit of demolition last time, there were sections that were only barely touched or completely untouched by the bulldozers.  Not so by this point.  It's all over now.

Other than a few concrete blocks, there's little left of the houses anymore.

The fence was still standing for a long time afterward even though there was absolutely nothing to keep people away from or anything left to fence in.

Note the basketball in the foreground.  How did they miss that?

This is where the suspected PX (or whatever it was) once stood.  In short, everything went eventually.

They started busting up slabs as well by this point so that little remained between the trees but the roads themselves.

That's the Wal-mart and Sam's they were building while the homes were being demolished.

Better shot.  I don't know if it's over-reaching to wonder about how these events are related.

Alexplored 2/12/06.
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