The Military Subdivision: The demotion begins
Yep, sure enough, the subdivision was torn down shortly after Dani and I explored it.  It's too bad we didn't take the time to go through it once more a little more systematically before it was gone, but those are the breaks when you can't be an explorer 100% of the time. 

It's like War of the Worlds*!

*The Cruise version is crap.  Seriously, it's possibly the most pointless movie ever made.

Curiously, some houses were inexplicably left standing in the midst of the rubble much like in the midwest where those intelligently-designed tornados randomly pick off some houses and leave others standing.

It was pretty hard to investigate though since they wrapped the place with a six-foot fence all the way around.  That seems like a waste considering they were only protecting debris by that point.  Why wasn't this up when there were intact houses?

Rows of beaver houses remain where human houses once stood.

This building may have been the PX or a clinic or something.  For some reason it stood for quite a while after most of the homes were torn down.

The chain link fence replaced the wooden fence that was falling down for probably years before the subdivision was abandoned.

I mentioned in the previous gallery that the power lines had been removed.  Similarly, the transformers were gone, and apparently this is where they ended up: at the corner of the subdivision across from the PX or whatever that was.

You can definitely see the encroaching landfill now where progress (i.e., Wal-mart and co.) continued to roll in.

Was this swing set spared because demolition crews are sentimental or because they are artists with a profound sense of irony?

Goodbye, houses.  Hello, fenced-in piles of rubble.

Alexplored 12/3/05.
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