The Military Subdivision
This subdivision had previously been part of a military base, but the houses just sat here for perhaps a year or more with no occupants.  When it became clear that the place would be torn down imminently, I figured we had better check it out while there was still something to see.

Here's a map from Google Earth showing the subdivision... or at least part of it.  I believe the dirt portion at the top of the map may have once been additional section, though I don't recall any longer as I'm writing this more than a year after having explored the place and it's been torn down since then.

It's sort of surreal to walk through an established neighborhood and find absolutely no one at home, especially when you're doing something mundane like taking your dogs for a walk.

There were a few "Keep Out" and other "no trespassing" signs, but many of the homes were wide open regardless, so we really didn't pay them any mind.

We saw this a lot: Things set aside as though to be collected later.  In this case it was window screens, but in other places we found doors or even large appliances.

I don't know if something was removed from here or if they were planning additional construction before the government pulled the plug on this place.

I can't tell whether this was the result of an accident, repair, scavengers, etc.

Same here.  Several homes had their floors torn up pretty badly, and I don't think it was from Daddy coming home in his boots.

An example of the homes full of appliances I mentioned earlier.  Why move them to one place though?  Wouldn't it be easlier to just pick them up from the individual houses than to move them twice?

Another shot of the desolation.

Same.  It's like a small-town Chernobyl.

Spooky.  I didn't see anything like this up until visiting New Orleans after Katrina, and even then things were at least obviously damaged.  Here it was as though a neutron bomb went off.

Another oddity: A graveyard nestled between the golf course and the abandoned subdivision.  I'm not sure what became of it since then.

Something else odd: Poles without power lines.  There were some poles that were completely downed even... this one which hit the golf course's fence.

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