Upstream from the Mexican Mall
I always wanted to work our way to this tunnel.  After you head upstream through the Mexican Mall Tunnel, you come out in the woods.  It's clear that the water must be coming from another tunnel not too far ahead in the distance, but we were never able to head out this way because the field was always populated by homeless folks, and we just didn't want to chance an encounter or be ambushed coming out of the tunnel on our way back.

Here's the canal heading downstream toward the mall.  Sorry about the lack of a frame of reference, but the canal walls are between four and five feet high.

Phil looks at a small entrance here.  I thought this was going to be a bust, but...

...there was another tunnel just a few feet away.

The two ran in parallel before meeting in this room and then continuing forward.

Looking back, this is what you see.  Note that the tunnels switch sides in this room.

Oooo!  A small ladder.  Too small to be of much use, but whatever.

And then the tunnels met up yet again.

A small room.  I look like a hamster in a habitrail.

Up ahead it split again.  The smaller one to the right was just too small though.

Behind me in the previous picture it just goes back to this, a way too low section we didn't feel like bothering with.  Phil found this fender or whatever it was.

Some graffiti on the way out.

Remember I mentioned the homeless folks?  This shit is all the broken glass that didn't get washed away from all their boozin' it up with the money they don't waste on cable tv.

Alexplored 3/31/09.
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