The Matrix Reloaded Tunnel: Part II
Now, I warned you this part was going to get creepy, didn't I?

A side tunnel showed some promise in that there was a considerable amount of daylight and a barely crawlable amount of space (recall Bishop in Aliens, although this tunnel was only about 12 ft. long).  This is a pic from Dani's camera on my return trip.  However...

...this is what I saw on my way in!  In case you can't exactly make it out, on the left is a dog's skull, with a smattering of other bones else in the area.

Distance traveled from the start = 0.244 miles (1287 feet)

I crawled out and stood up to take... 

...this shot.  I had no idea what this area was when I climbed out.  Since I was being careful not to be seen, I didn't exactly want to hazard a quick jog around the area.  In fact, I could see through the fence behind me that a truck was moving in my direction, so I ducked back into the tunnel after taking a few quick shots. 

Right about here a GPS waypoint would have been very helpful except we didn't have a receiver as yet.  However, we eventually tracked down this enclosure just a little north of the east/west road through the stock yards that I mentioned earlier. 

Here is some more of the dog carcass.  My first thought was that the poor dog was confined and died here, but there are a number of exits through the fence.  It is possible (s)he either found this area and died here or the remains were tossed in after the fact.  I couldn't begin to assess the cause of death here.

However, if anyone has any idea what this area was for, please let me know!

As interesting as all of that was, not too much farther ahead was the biggest surprise: the end!

This is the end.  Dani and I were completely dumbstruck!  What is behind this?  What was the source of the mysterious increase in temperature in this direction?  Why was this part sealed? 

Okay, maybe you can come up with a supernatural explanation for this.  I would like something more concrete (no pun intended), but I'm not about to take a pick axe to this to this to find any answers!

Here's a close-up.  Although this appeared to be just some wood reinforced with rebar, this thing was solid!  I knocked on it, and whatever is on the other side is massive.  It was literally like knocking on concrete.

Another close-up.  Although they don't jump out at you in this picture, there are actually raccoon (or opossum?) tracks at this far point.  This is a tremendous surprise given that this point in the tunnel was at least a half-mile from the entrance, with very few feed-ins along the way, and most of these were relatively high in the walls where an animal would have a lot of trouble climbing back out.

So, with that disappointing (or at least mysterious) finish, we headed out to the canal and proceeded to next site on our list: The tunnel under the Swift ruins road!

(Also, for those with keen eyes, we checked out the concrete ditch ahead on the right, but it just drains a nearby neighborhood; no tunnels.)

Alexplored 1/11/04.

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