Return to the Matrix Reloaded Tunnel
This was the first trip back to this tunnel in quite a while, so I wanted to see if 1) anything was new and 2) if I would see anything differently after having accumulated more exploring experience.  If you missed the previous expedition, check it out first here.

Just inside the entrance.  The walls outside look really white on account of the fact they've been white-washed of graffiti.  Honestly, I don't know that it was that visible to begin with considering how out of view this tunnel is.

I'm checking a side tunnel, but basically this is a straight shot forward other than a couple small side tunnels.

Here's the small side tunnel that used to lead to an oxidation pond at the surface.

What I found was that there were new sections of tunnels that bypassed the oxidation pond.  (For scale, this section was between two and three feet high.)

This shot is out of order, but further downstream we found what I believe was part of the dog carcass that was in this section earlier.

The oxidation pond is paved over now.

Why this tunnel is divided like this remains a mystery to me.  It doesn't make any sense as a rail or to divert water an account of the fact that there are intentional breaks in it in several places.

A spot where the street was paved over a former drain grate.  I hate these red bricks on all the roads in this part of town.  Actually, there's all over the town, but they usually have a layer of blacktop over them so you don't get your fillings rattled out.

I also explored a side tunnel this time that I had skipped previously.

It went off to the east for a ways, but was all new and uninteresting.

End of the line.

Though there's wood here, it's obviously concrete or densely-packed sand on the other side.

Close-up of the braces.

A look at the top.

There's so little water that flows through here now that there are plastic drink bottles that were presumably left by the construction crew.  Only a small amount of water seeps into here these days and mostly just pools until it evaporates.

Alexplored 8/28/05.  Some pics from Dokk.
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