The Matrix Reloaded Tunnel
This tunnel starts just south of the Fort Worth stock yards, right next to the Swift ruins.  The entrance is "hidden" in plain sight right under a major traffic bridge.  The Matrix reference comes from the fact that is bears a striking resemblance to the cover of the Reloaded DVD.

Dani and I headed out early in the morning, so the sun wasn't quite up just yet.  (As the Army says: "We do more before breakfast...") 

What you're supposed to see is Dani standing by the entrance to the tunnel directly beneath the bridge.

Here's the entrance.  Initially, I honestly thought this had to be a pedestrian tunnel given the flat dry floor, but that impression progressively deteriorated as we saw more sights along the way.

...For instance, just a short way into the tunnel was a feeder on the side.

Curiously, this was almost the only side feeder worth noting.  Everything else was very small.  It is difficult to believe that the size of the tunnel is warranted by the tiny inputs.

After the first 100 ft or so, almost the entire tunnel had this appearance overall.  This middle barrier run virtually the entirely length, with the tunnel continuing almost 100% due north.

This is one of two drains from a road that we believe to be the one that runs east/west through the middle of the touristy section of the stock yards.  Unfortunately, it was difficult if not impossible to safely climb up here (it was 6 ft. off the ground, or about 5 ft. from the middle divider shown above).  I would liked to have looked out and/or taken a GPS reading, but we didn't have the receiver until a week later.

And a little further along we ran into a bunch of freaks promoting their movie!

Seriously, I know we're already way into our "Matrixplorations" already, but if you ever catch us in our Halloween costumes in a tunnel, just kill us then and there!

Another creepy shot of me (sans Trin and Morpheus).

Actually, a weird phenomenon of this tunnel was that, in spite of the fact that it was freezing outside and near the beginning of the tunnel, it grew increasingly warm and humid (to the point of fogging the camera lenses, in fact!) as we progressed. 

Biblical scholars will, I'm sure, jump to the same conclusion, but I'll skip ahead: No Satan sightings again this trip.  Sorry!

But some creepy stuff is just ahead....

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