The Littlest Abandonment

This has to hold the record for the smallest abandoned building I have ever encountered.

I used to see this little shack standing in the middle of a field from the interstate (which you can see passing behind it).  Unfortunately, they moved it to the edge of the field so it isn't as obvious anymore.  They're doing some construction in the area right now, hence all the mud in the foreground where there used to grass.  

Why it was moved instead of knocking it down is a mystery.  Why it was there in the first place is an even bigger mystery.

You can see that the entire structure was lifted up by its slab and toted over to this spot.

Inside the place you can see that it was wired up for power.  There's a junction box next to the light switch.

Hell, there's even a thermostat on this wall (just right of center)!  WTF?

Clearly this is a time machine.  I think we all know Dr. Who is in the area nearby.

Alexplored 10/21/06.
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