Levitz abandoned warehouse
This is a huge abandoned furniture warehouse that has tantalized me every time I passed it over the last few months.  Since we were already exploring on this particular day, Dani and I swung by just to see if there was a way in.  And, sure enough, we found one: A door left opened on the side of the building by some of the loading docks.

Update: I drove by this site to get the GPS coordinates a few weeks after the original visit, and found that the door was closed again.  I didn't try it, but I suspect anyone trying to explore this spot will have some trouble finding an accessable entrance, especially since a view of the whole site is unobstructed from nearly all sides.

How could you not want to check out the inside of an urban ruin this size?!

(Picture taken over the roof of my car like a professional!)

Even with the flash on, this place is so huge that the flash hardly had an effect.

The row of lights in the back- ground are the big row of loading docks facing the road.

This is to the view to the left, the opposite wall as the dock doors in the photo above.

And to the far right you can see the old entrance to the store. 

The place is just crummy now.  If it was cleared of debris and swept out, it might be good for stunk bikes or rollerblading, but it's too rough for anything at the moment.

Finally, here is an aerial photograph of this site.  I believe the photo is from 2000 or 2002.  Judging by how empty the lot looks (no delivery trucks and any of the entrances either), either this photo was taken on a Sunday or this place has been closed since at least that time.

Alexplored 12/14/03.

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