Lake Worth Dam
Dani and I had been in this area a few times before, but I had only been down to the dam once, and only when it was almost completely dark at that, so I really wanted to return to take some pictures. 

This is a view of the edge of the lake featuring the spillover of the dam.  There are several parks on the road right in this area, including just behind where I took this picture.

This was a bit outrageous.  People were already at the dam before I got there.  Strange also that there were motor boats racing across our drinking water.

We first headed down the side opposite the lake. 

This concrete wall buffers the lake's runoff into this area.  Out of view from this image (behind me and to the right) are several fish hatcheries.  These are visible from some parks nearby.

Here's a view through the fence to the spillover. 

This was the last expedition we visited of five featured on this site (and several others not covered) that we did this weekend, so we were too tired to climb over the fence or up the spillway just for the hell of it.

This is a solid concrete pier that serves no purpose that I can see.

That's Dani inside the orange glow just before she was raised bodily into the mothership.

A view back from the pier to the levee and spillway.

Dani's trying out the auto-timer on her camera while I try out her face.

Update: Note: Dani and I revisted this site on 5/10/06, and the area around the lake had been fenced off with a high fence topped with barbed wire, so this area is pretty much inaccessible to casual hikers.  You can still get to the overflow side of the dam, but there's plenty more to see if you're more into nature than checking out a lot of concrete.

More information about the lake can be found here.  An interesting excerpt from that page: "The Department of State Health Services has placed a  consumption advisory on fish from Lake Worth due to PCB contamination. Persons should not consume any species of fish from this lake."   Hmmmm.  Drinking water?

Alexplored 3/21/04.

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