Jammed Tunnel
I found this relatively short tunnel probably a couple years earlier, but never got around to checking it out for one reason or another.  However, Melancholy and I were in the neighborhood checking out other sites already, so this showed up on my GPS as something else from my "to do" list.

Here's the entrance.  Lots of graffiti since it's right behind an apartment complex, same as everything else in Fort Worth, so I guess the kids figured they'd dress up the scenery for the residents.  Yeah, that's it... because graffiti is all about altruistic ends and never about the artist trying to get people who couldn't care less to notice his name.

The tunnel itself was mostly clean, if a little rocky, but what's that...?

Why it's a couple of weights!  Believe it or not, there were seven (7!) of these things in here.  I can't believe other people use drainage tunnels as a gym!  I thought I was the first to come up with that.

Uh, oh.  Here's the jam (not jelly) in the tunnel.

While the kitchen sink was not visibly part of the mix, pretty much every other household item could be found among the junk in here.

Mel climbed over it...

...however, the mess on the other tunnel was even bigger.

Not very far ahead was the other end of the tunnel.  It just continues onward from here as a medium-size canal for quite a few more miles before emptying into the river.

Alexplored 9/22/06.
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