The Jacksboro Tunnel
Explorer Phil and I headed out one night to check out local tunnels that looked promising.  We didn't find much on that night except for this one... which unfortunately turned out to be a heretofore undocumented re-run for me.

Me at the upstream entrance of the downstream section.  You follow that?  If so, you've got the skills to be an explorer.  If you're lost, invest in a GPS.

Farther in Phil paradoxically stands out in his camo.

More hours were spent on graffiti in here than I've devoted to sudoku as of this writing.

The end of the downstream section.  I looked at some aerial views of the area subsequent to this and couldn't tell where the stream led next, so maybe there will be a sequel at some point.

A small stalactite.

After we went back to where we started, we headed upstream farther until we reached the next section of tunnel.  There wasn't much to photograph though...

...This is about the only shot we took.  Only point of interest: the ledge I'm sitting on is an unusual feature and a convenient resting spot.

The tunnel begins right here at the base of a very steep canyon that is almost impossible to climb, although (as alluded to at the top of this page) I did descend into here once many years ago and check out this section (not knowing there was another downstream), albeit without a camera.

Alexplored 5/7/2008.  Most pics by Explorer Phil.
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