The Invisible Tunnel

Dani's parents used to live in this neighborhood, and it's likely we drove past this spot any number of times and never saw the tunnel itself.  You can see there is a waterway on one side of the road, but it appears shallow until you get right close to it.  I only stopped by here because it looked promising on Google Earth.

That's Melancholy standing outside the tunnel at the edge of the incline leading down into it.

If you drove past here and looked out at what leads up to the incline, you'd never think there was a real tunnel here.

There wasn't a lot of water in most of the tunnel.  The concrete that leads up to it before the spot where we entered actually serves to dam up the flow unless it has just rained, so the tunnel more or less dries up in most spots.

Of course, this made it great for biking.  Notice that we didn't have any water at all by this point.

After only a quarter of a mile, the tunnel opened out into a concrete canal that continued for quite a ways.

We passed beneath several pedestrian bridges along here.

Like this one.

Eventually we came to an end where the concrete ended and the canal emptied into a wooded area.  From Google Earth I can tell that this leads into a creek that feeds into the Trinity River.  However, we didn't use our flashlights because we were in a residential area.  Neighbors were out and about (someone was moving into a house just next to the canal), and we didn't want to attract attention.

Alexplored 9/22/06.
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