The Incinerator
I'm not sure what this facility was for originally, but this has been said to have been an incinerator.  It's clear that there are areas that were used to store things that could only be lifted out with a crane, so who knows how this all worked?

This is the place from the outside.  Obviously the smoke stacks were for something other than to make one immediately think of the cover of Pink Floyd's Animals.

One of the entrances was blocked off from vehicular traffic, but this wasn't a bad place to enter from (as opposed to through the woods like we did... like idiots; we ended up covered with burrs).

Ironically, some areas were already incinerated.

I don't know what used to be stored in here, but the place was seriously cooked.

Here's a wide view of this part of the place.

One of the overgrown entrances to the main building.  Taggers found it, however.

A view from inside the stairwell.

The speckles in the distance are bullet holes through the sheet metal walls.  Just to Dokk's left is a crane claw that was presumably used to haul things out of the pits on the other side of the wall to the left.

These are the pits.  I didn't capture the scale very well, so... are some hand rungs on the wall.  Note that they don't go all the way to the bottom.  That's kind of scary since if you fell in, you wouldn't have any way of getting yourself out (assuming you survived the fall that put you there to begin with).

A ladder up to the roof.  Not much to see there, however.  The place is in the woods and there's a horse ranch next door, so you don't want to be seen either.

Here's the crane above the pits.

A somewhat better view of the pits themselves.

View out of a window at the stacks.

The stacks from the lower level.

The ground floor.

The previous time I made it out here, the gang list was up, but no one had tagged over it.  This is why I wasn't so keen on being spotted there.

Here's another stretch, just in case you think I'm inventing the idea they were gang members.

A view up one of the stacks.

Alexplored 8/14/05.  Note: Some pics from Dokk and SilentSearch.
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