The Historic Tunnel

I live in a "historic" part of town in which many of the houses are very old (even if they have a fresh paint job like mine).  There aren't a lot of curbside drains around my neighborhood, but there's one on a street corner not far from me that was able to handle even a massive water main break just around the corner from my place at one point, so I knew there must be a pretty big system below to accommodate the flow.  Guess what?  I was right.

Here's the tunnel itself.  We checked this out once before, but didn't get very far on account of the fact we ran into waters too deep for Converse Hi-Tops (i.e., about an inch).

This time we suited up for much higher waters so we could find the end of the tunnel without turning back.

We actually found a scooter down here.  No, it wasn't rusty; they make them that color.  However, it was really muddy, so I had to do a lot of work on it to get it working again.  Then I sold it in a garage sale.

Melancholy took pretty good pictures in here.  Whereas I just pretty much snap off shit I think looks interesting, he's a real photographer who actually takes time to set up shots.

For example: Here he shoved flashlights into the small side tunnels as an experiment.  Me, I'm looking exhausted even though we've only been down here about ten minutes at this point.

Black plastic draped over some pipes that cut through her for some reason.

At this point the water started to get deep.  You see that little tunnel on the left?  That's how we got out of here last time.  We didn't want to walk the tenth of a mile below ground for some reason.

The tunnel starts curving right here.

Another of Melancholy's shots.  I'm not sure if he used a filter here or what.

This pipe is completely rusted through.  I have no idea where this water is intended to go, but I hope it's just supposed to be drainage.  There are a lot of places where I suspect we're all paying for fresh water to literally go right down the drain.

Also note the debris at the top of the tunnel from when the water was much higher.

Here's why the water was backed up.  There was a 2' diameter pipe running along the bottom that effectively dammed up the flow.  Bad design, guys.

At this point the tunnel went square for a while.  A very short while, obviously.

This is another shot by Melancholy and a demonstration of why it's worth bringing your tripod since you're only going to get nice pictures like this in complete darkness if you ramp up the exposure time (and the ISO, and then do a bit of light painting).

This is pretty close to the end.  Even though there were no more dams along the way, the natural incline meant we descended into the water almost to the tops of our hip waders.

And finally we came out here.

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