Historic Tunnel South

This is a different tunnel than the other Historic Tunnel covered on the site.  However, as the name indicates, it is in the same "historic" neighborhood and is located further south of the other tunnel.

Here's Melancholy outside the entrance (or exit, if you happen to be rain water and are coming from the opposite direction).

I don't know why I wore hip waders for this.  I think they were already sitting out on the front porch and were the most convenient thing to grab when we decided to go.  I should have checked what the editors of GQ recommended.

The square part is newer and runs under the parking lot of a recently-constructed church.  (Yeah, like we need another.)

Since the tunnel empties into a waterway in the woods, the raccoons find it very enticing, although I would be surprised if they found anything to eat other than roaches in here.  I know a Chinese restaurant like that.

A few dry patches.  I've had a few of those myself.

Melancholy checked out a side tunnel, but it really didn't go anywhere interesting like to another main tunnel or an exclusive nightclub.

Before very long, it grew too short to walk through standing up.  This is when I acquired the ambition to clone my own Mini-Me.

I ran up ahead at that point to confirm and, yep, it just kept getting smaller...

...so we headed back home or had a near-death experience depending on how you want to interpret the image.

Alexplored 8/7/06.
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