The Historic Tunnel, Second Expedition
About a month later, we decided to go back and check out what was upstream from where we entered last time.  The tunnel itself wasn't terribly interesting, but a lot of the stuff we found in here was.

For example, here's a bird.

Oh, and we're idiots.  We figured that since we were going upstream, there wouldn't be much water in here, so we could just do it on foot.  Wrong.

While most of the tunnel has the water channeled into the middle (like here) leaving dry strips on either side, eventually we reached an area where it was too deep to continue without getting soaked.  The tunnel was pretty small by that point anyway, so we gave up.

It wasn't terribly low at this point, but we had to duck beneath...

...this stuff.  Apparently this is an attempt at concrete form.  I'm no engineer, but I'm thinking there had to have been a better way to approach this.

Whereas we were only ducking before, by this time it was getting to be crouch-city.  Still, note that the floor is clean at this point.

Now the place starts to get messy, and that's when we took a break and started noticing things on the ground.... like this rusty old bullet.

The handlebars of a bike.  We didn't see the rest of the bike, but we did find that scooter in here last time.

A sand dollar (bad photo though since the details are wiped out).  Do these grow in tunnels?  How did this one get here?

The jaw bone of what I think much have been a cow or a goat (not a dog; those are grinding molars).

Alexplored 4/15/06.  Second 5/12/06.  Some pictures by Melancholy. 
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