The Halloween Tunnel, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

It stayed a lot like this for most of the rest of the trip, but the three PVC pipes were a unique feature.  Nothing was coming out of them though.  I looked up each, and they all turned sharply at the top.  To where?  No idea.  What am I?  Mr. Fantastic?

There were several curbside drains along the way at this end (more than a mile in by this point), but guess who didn't think to bring the GPS?  Yeah, me, that idiot.

That's a piece of a lawn chair stuck in this one.  Most of these were easy enough to at least pull up to and look out, but it was dark and always somewhere in the middle of the block, so I couldn't see any street signs.

I found this scraper in the hole next to it.  It was left there by the Pilgrims who first settled this tunnel.

Tiny crawfish.  Or crayfish.  Whatever.  It depends on whether you're the type who'd know how to eat it.

A really deep hole.  It was at least a foot an a half deep with a steep drop-off.  Most of the time in here I wished we'd taken bikes (because you don't need to crouch if you're sitting down), but this is one spot you wouldn't want to happen across unexpectedly.

Seriously, at least one in three tunnels has the spade of a shovel in it.  Not the handle even, just the spade.  Really.  I'm going to start posting pictures from now on so you know I'm not making this up.

A small side tunnel.  We kept moving forward where hunched over was at least easier than crouched into a little ball.

Another pit full of metal bits.  This was one of several.  Choice finds here included a padlock and a trailer hitch.  I think there was a sparkplug as well.  Lots of nails and junk too.

Never mind the pipe.  It was getting low enough in here that we were ducking all the time.

At this point we were well past a mile in (or at least it really felt like it), but all of a sudden the graffiti showed up again.  The small inlet to the right wasn't large enough nor close enough to an entrance to allow kids any access, so I don't know what the story was here.  Sometimes systems originally ended at one point and were extended, but there was no time-specific graffiti (e.g., "Billy Squire rules!"*) to pinpoint when this was from.

*I actually found grafitti that read this once.  No lie.

Then it got way smaller.  The girls hung back else I'd have a better frame of reference in this shot, but beyond this point it downsized to right around 4'.

I continued down it for a stretch, but it didn't look like it would ever widen out again, so I gave up and turned back.  All total?  No idea, but maybe something approaching two miles?  Just a guess, but one likely exaggerated by my back.

Alexplored 3/14/08.
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