The Halloween Tunnel
Explorer Phil found this tunnel and explored it first, then told me about it.  Even though it wasn't Halloween when he explored it, he said the name came from a mix of impressions of a great picture of a spider he took, some gothic graffiti, etc.  As many times as I'd been past this area, I never noticed the place until he sent me the coordinates, so I added it to my "to do" list and Dani and Erin and I checked it out.

Girls with glasses make for great trespassers.  Yeah, they both wear contacts, so I don't know what's up with this.  We ducked under a "no trespassing" sign on the way in, and neither batted an eye.  Maybe because they're near-sighted.

There was a fair amount of graffiti on the way in, but the artists in this neighborhood were apparently too lazy to go much deeper than this.  We didn't find much more until way, way farther back which almost always means they entered from another point.

Shallower and wider.  The ceiling got lower in several stretches like this one, but the tunnel widened out in most of these.  The architecture throughout this system changed quite a bit for no apparent reason.  Of course, this is an old part of town, so I'm guessing this is the result of decades worth of development.

See?  Different here, too.  Why Dani didn't crouch to take this shot, I don't know.

Stuff we found...

A couple of these as well.

One of those pits like we saw in the Drop-Off Tunnel (among others).  Much like flea market vendors, these always seem to collect metallic knick-knacks that never go anywhere.  More about these a little later.

Yeah, Erin with the pants outside the boots?  You got me.  Must be a phase in her post-Goth transition back into society.

Weird little spot where the pipe dammed up the stream.  Oddly enough, it was shallow.  The floor came up to meet it on the upstream side.

The groove in the foreground is a piece of wood...

...see?  Nothing stuck to it, but it looks like it's been here since the pirate ship it was part of crashed into this cave a couple centuries ago.*

*(Goonies reference.  If you're reading this and you haven't seen that movie, you're an idiot for not watching the new Battlestar Galactica.)

A little further ahead were these inlets on opposite sides of the tunnel (i.e., the other is behind Dani as she's taking the picture).  This one went on forever, but you're looking at exactly how far I went into them.

Another transition from low to high.  I guess it could have been worse and stayed low the whole way through, but I probably wouldn't have gone very far in that case.

Tiny inflatable football stuck in the ceiling at one point.  Not sure what the rules state in a case like this.  Score or no?

Okay, back to the low stuff again... but it's wide.

And then back to narrow and tall again.

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