Great Grate Tunnel

Once again Melancholy and I hopped on bikes and cruised around following waterways until we happened upon this tunnel and rode it for as far as it would take us.  <--Much like the run-on sentence that got you here.

This canal system runs for several miles around here (if you add up several interconnected branches).  It was easy riding, and we didn't have to watch out for traffic.

Finally we got to a tunnel itself, and one that we were still able to bike.

There were parallel halves to it, one of which Mel's checking out through the "window."

Here's one of the side tunnels we encountered.  Yeah, we wore shoes.  It's a form of pessimism that brings us good luck through lowered expectations that we won't find occasion to get our shoes wet.  Most of the time we do anyway.

Here's the "great grate" which is what I saved this spot as on my GPS since, like Stan Lee, I can't remember names without alliteration.

Actually, that's me getting ready to GPS it from the parallel tunnel to here.

Here's a sideways shot (which I am again too lazy to go in and rotate so you don't pop your neck viewing it).  This shows the height of the tunnels (i.e., left, right, and the chamber with the grate) as well as what an awesome girl's bike I ride.

This is what leading up to that chamber or away from it if you happen to be going downstream as we were by this point; things grew too small and sandy to continue in the round ones upahead. 

This kind of ramp is unusual in tunnels around the DFW area, and I can only think of a handful of examples like this.

Alexplored 7/17/06.
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