Grain Silos
Silent Search scouted out this site while he was waiting for me to show up.  This wasn't the original destination we had in mind, but we ended up spending a few hours just on this place and didn't have time for anything else. 

The place is right next to the train tracks. 

The funny this is that when we were leaving, there was s guy running alongside a passing train.  He spotted us and slowed to to a walk.  Maybe he was going to jump it or something.

We ended up going underneath the place.  As you can see, it runs pretty deep.

There were a few rooms, but mostly the place is composed of the silos themselves with little space for much else.

And here are the silos!

We ended up between the two rows of them and found our way inside from here.

A few flights up the stairs we came across this office, which unfortunately was locked, so I could only get a picture through the window. 

There's an ancient computer in the place still like they just went home one day and never came back.

SS noticed that the dates on the fire extinguisher tags January 2003, so the place likely closed within a year or two before then.

Here's one of the conveyers near the top of the place.

Outside of there we ended up on top of the silos themselves.

This picture was taken after we crossed over to this side.  We checked out this side first before continuing up to the larger side.

This decoration was taken from the set of The Matrix Reloaded, but I don't know how it ended up here in Fort Worth. 

I planned to bring home a couple of these 2,000 lbs. paper weights, but they were too awkward to carry down the stairs.

There were three scales like this in this room at the top of the complex, each of which was for a different silo.

I keep wondering, "how the hell do they calibrate them?"

Here's a nice picture of downtown.  Actually this was taken from a window before we reached the top, but it's a nice one to finish with.

Alexplored 7/17/05.
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