Graffiti Tunnel
I met Ben when he emailed me about this tunnel.  Ironically, we didn't get around to exploring it until several months later.  Given the small entrances at the outfall of this tunnel, I didn't know whether to have high expectations for it or not, but it actually held several surprises after all. 

Here's a shot of the entrances.  Not exactly breathtaking, but worth a look, we figured.

We tried this square one first, hoping it would expand.  Unfortunately, it continued to be a back-breaker, so we doubled back pretty quickly and headed over to the round one in the middle of the three.

This tunnel had more graffiti than just about any other one I have ever been through.  It wasn't especially dense, but there was a lot of it for almost as far back as we explored. 

I can't say any of it was terribly artistic or clever either, just a lot of territorial pissing. 

The only piece worth commenting on was a bit that read: "Trolls will be killed beyond this point."  I guess live action role playing gamers have begun to include spray paint in their magical arsenal.

Looking back, Ben is standing at the convergence of the two circular tunnels.  It turned out that the rectangular one ran parallel to these, although it didn't connect to this section for quite a ways.

Once the tunnel reverted to this archway just a short way in, things were much easier all around.

As you can see, the water is channeled into the center and the floor is clear and level.

This was a crossing-over point.  This tunnel first connected to the rectangular one, then continued on into the next room...

This small room was a drain in a residential area.  I tried getting a GPS reading out here, but it took just about forever.  The slots were pretty high up, so I could only get my hand a little ways out.  Besides that, there was a wall behind the top of this drain, so that blocked out a portion of the sky.  It took forever to finally get a satellite lock.  And while I was poking out the GPS, someone came out of their house directly across the street.  I had to quickly jerk everything back inside and try again later.

Coincidentally, a friend of Ben's called the very afternoon following our trip down here.  He had lived in the area he when he was in high school.  When we told him where we had been, he explained that he had been one of the multitude of visitors who had hung out and left their mark on spray paint.
Alexplored 8/5/04.

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