The Goodyear Building
I had passed this building many, many times and didn't think anything of it.  It was right downtown along a route I travel at least once a week.  Melancholy talked me into checking it out though, and I'm glad he did since it was torn down about a year later.

The portion that was once owned by (and still said on the wall) "Goodyear" was wide open and uninteresting.

The showroom here was almost completely empty.

And about the best thing to see in that part of the building was the view in the rain.

This is an alleyway along the back side where you can see this is a more interesting building that the more salient commercial section covered above.  There was a gap in the fence here, so we just slipped through.

Once you went up the drive, you were on the second floor...

...which has obviously seen better days.  Without a roof, the cold and the rain didn't make for an especially pleasant exploration even if the view was interesting.

I got the impression this was originally a single-story building that was converted to a second story.  You can see the rocky roof beneath the floorboards.

We took the spiral staircase (very similar to the one at the top of the Baker Hotel) down to the first floor.

Not only was it dark, but really wet down here as well.  Though we were at least out of the wind, the rain poured through the "roof" that was the floor above.

Here's a better look at the stairwell from the bottom.

I guess this was part of the renovations.  I'm not sure why you'd pull all the junk out of the ceiling.  You'd have gotten electricuted trying it on the day we were there.

The portions of the building toward the back were beneath the newer Goodyear building and were spared the wetworks of the weather.

There was even a giant safe at the back that hinted at a former business that operated here: a courier company that is still in business, though obviously not in this location.

You may have noticed the collapsing duct work in some of the other areas toward the front of the building.

More debris.  Again, I'm not if this was part of a salvage operation or an aborted attempt to renovate.

Update #1: Here's what it looked like about a year later: Going...

Update #2: Here's what it looks like today: Gone.

The chain link fence surrounding the property has since been removed, so there's nothing left of place now.

Alexplored 1/28/06.  Upated 3/3/07 and 5/20/07.
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