The Fishy Tunnels
After what might be cautiously described as a super-natural experience in these tunnels last time, I wanted to make a return trip.  This time I brought part-time paranormal investigator Dokk with me as well as his son Dokk.  The goal was to take multiple pictures at high resolutions and different exposures.  I didn't have much luck, but there are a few anomalies in some of Dokk's images.  All the photos below are from his camera.

Here's a look down one of the tunnels.

Why do I feel like someone's watching us in here?

At the end of the first tunnels.  To the right (beyond the wall) are tunnels that drain the neighborhoods.

A possible orb to the left of center.

I wish Dokk and I had been taking pictures back to back, but we didn't approach this very systematically since it seemed we were getting nothing but negative results.

The first tunnels are dead-ends (unless you want to crawl up the small inlets), so we doubled back.

Dokk's son is at the exit of the tunnels where they empty into the canal.

Down another tunnel further up the canal.  I packed the tripod on this trip because I wanted to try longer exposures, and the camera had to be still for those.

Around this turn is an inlet from the overflow of a pond.  This is about as far as Dani and I made it last time.

We encountered some strange paintings along the wall here.  They seemed to convey more meaning than the usual graffiti about smoking pot, but they still didn't make a whole lot of sense.

Here's some more.

Just behind me is a turn to the right where a canal fed into this tunnel.  Which is where the log came from, obviously. 

The weird thing was that the log managed to get jammed in that spot and seemed suspended on just two points.

Supernatural?  You tell me.

Anyway, it was too dark outside to get better pictures, but the third stretch of the tunnel also ended up (paradoxically) right here as well.  The canal emptied into both of them.
Alexplored 4/2/05.

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