The Fishy Tunnels
Some months back, Dani and I found several tunnels emptying into a concrete canal in Fort Worth.  It was raining that day, but for some reason we never made it back.  Well, we ended up in the area on this day, so it was a good opportunity to finally check them out. 

We're standing beneath several railroad bridges right here, but the tunnel empties out from beneath the road and unloads into a concrete canal behind me.

As soon as you enter the actual tunnel, it goes from three sections to two larger ones and it turns so as to run parallel to Bryant-Irving Rd.

This tunnel gets its name (in part) from the fact that there were loads of fish in the water as you enter this section.  The fish stay close to the entrance where there is grass and reeds as opposed to the staganat tunnel and concrete canal on either side.

For some reason, this section of the tunnel really gave both Dani and I the creeps.

Who noticed the orb right away in this picture? 

This is a shot of me near the end of this part of the tunnel.  I'm to the left of the tall ethereal form in the center of the frame.

This feature is completely invisible until you turn up the brightness.  I'm sorry, but this is just plain creepy.

I checked out a side tunnel that had some light, and it turned out to enter this crawl-space (well, you could just crouch; see my flashlight for scalar reference).

A weird thing was that above these iron grates was a space above which were mesh-like grates.  We found another section like this in another tunnel later one. 

On the way back to my car, we found that both sets of grates were on opposite sides of a street that runs into Bryant-Irving.

Along this stretch were several spots where you could see traffic passing by.

We doubled back and exited the way we entered the first tunnel, then headed down the canal to this second tunnel. 

There is at least one other tunnel at the start of the canal that we have yet to visit.

Here's a shot just inside the tunnel.  Again, it turns to the left just after you enter it.

The smaller tunnel to the right is the one I alluded to above that leads to the other crawl-space.

Due to failing batteries, the flash is pretty weak, but I'm standing in the center of the frame down one of several larger side tunnels...

...all of which lead to this spot.  This was the edge of a piece of property with a damned up stream in it that empties into the tunnels (I believe there were five of them).

GPS coordinates:
32.70834 N -97.41781 W

At this point we were tired, blistered, and running low on batteries, so we headed home to pursue the remainder of this tunnel and the other one further upstream some other day.

Additional details about this trip can be found in a more lengthy write-up posted on my Journal page.  Jump right to the account of this expedition here.

Alexplored 11/7/04.

Update:  On 4/2/05, Dokk and his son and I revisited these tunnels (and the one beyond it) and took many, many pictures at different resolutions and exposure times.  Unfortunately, nothing turned up on any of the images.  Similarly, we failed to feel any unusual presence(s).  However, we did smell onions in one portion of a tunnel, both coming and going, and we have no explanation for that, so who knows?

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