The Federal Complex, Part II
Continuing where we left off...

Clearly someone needed a smoke break.  What a bad time for a door handle to break off in your hand.

Some scavengers are more tidy than others.  For example, note the neatly-stacked insulation against the far wall.  I would say his mother raised him well except for that whole, you know, stealing thing.

Someone forgot their Coke bottle.

The basement was flooded.  Probably with Coke.

Get a straw.  There's a lot of it.  And bring some ice cream.  This is going to be awesome!

I ask you, just what kind of sick bastard would steal half an attic stair?!

Scavengers on the second flood preferred the taste of Dr. Pepper to Coke.  Pepsi drinkers just get white-collar jobs.  Bottled-water drinkers are idiots to pay that much, but they can afford it since the mark-up is so high in the fashion industry.

The ceiling looks so comfy, I could take a nap.

...because if you do, he won't think about how he's about to run out of space on the sign halfway through, and he'll have to switch to a tinie, tiny font.

Oh, and here's the machine.  I wonder if it was really worth the investment since, really, how often are you going to need a conveyor belt to move light fixtures up to the second floor?

At first we thought this was the part of every A-Team episode where they hole up somewhere and build a bullet-proof bulldozer covered with guns, but then we figured out it was one of the scavengers working with relative impunity.  The van was hidden from sight among a cluster of buildings, and the place is so far removed from traffic that almost no one would notice it on the grounds in any case.

There were a few office areas such as this garage-looking area...

...which also had stacks of women's magazines.  Sort of a confusing message, I think.

The cover date is March 1984, if you're wondering.  I'm not sure exactly when this place closed.

Quick editorial aside: Don't you love how the term "new woman" went from a radical (in its day) feminist ideal to the name of a fashion magazine that represented distractions from pretty much everything the ideal advocated?  Yes, Angelina's new haircut is more imporant than the issues underlying her humanitarian crusade.

At first I thought this mistakenly slipped this one in from my collection of photography of modernist installations, but then I remembered that this was the room in every abandoned government complex where they keep the ladder, tire, and giant rubber band collection.

Skybridge!  Cool!

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