The Federal Complex
This was a real surprise in terms of both its accessibility and overall size of the place.  No single photo captures it all, so I should point out this is probably about a dozen buildings of various sizes, most (and the largest) of which were two stories tall.

This complex of goverment buildings was abandoned many years ago.  It's hard to get a sense of scale with no cars around, but the pictures will expand on this image as we go on.

Entering the place was easy enough.  While the complex is surrounded by a barbed wire fence, there's a gaping hole through it big enough to drive a van through.  (I know this for a fact.  Stay tuned for details.)

One of the buildings on the edge of the complex.

A look down the side of the place at some of the other buildings we'll get to later.

While things looked reasonably okay outside, it was something of a mess in many of these buildings due to a combination of the elements, vandals, and scavengers.

Most of the complex consisted of basic office space.

Knocked-out ceiling tiles are usually an indication that scavengers have been through the place stealing the metal and/or fixtures.  Either that or you have seriously huge rats, man.


Since there were no goverment vehicles in the "Only Gov't Vehicles In This Area" area, I'm guessing the government took the day off.

You know a place has been abandoned for a while when you have to mow the pavement.

More evidence of scavengers. 

Alternatively: At the going-away party, they threw some really, really big confetti.

A lot of the equipment looked stripped down as well.

Like this sculpture of Nicole Richie.

That was some party!  Actually, much of this is likely from the scavengers.  Although there were beer bottles clustered about here and there, soft drinks and sports drink bottles were a more ubiquitous find, something you would expect to be left behind by manual laborers...

...because tearing shit up like this works up a real thirst.

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