Another visit to the Excavating Place

We've been here a couple times before, but I really didn't take the time to look around at the junk in the place, just the place itself.  Since Dani and I were out re-visiting other sites we'd explored earlier, we hit this one as well.

We started off in the building that had so much junk the first time we were here... and less the second for some reason.

Upon closer investigation, we found that these things were largely fixtures from a former steak restaurant: Booths, lights, baskets.  Okay, I'm not sure what the baskets were for.

The papers had the name of the restaurant on them.

Here's a wide shot of this place.  To the right are cabinets and trash bins.

A shattered glass-top table.  Man, you gotta wonder who won that drinking contest.

The next building over used to be filled with more stuff (see previous galleries), but has since been cleaned out.  However...

...the signs of vagrants were new.  In case you can't make it out (and apologies for not getting closer, but I think you understand), that's a makeshift bed just outside of the place.  

I'm not sure why this individual chose the space outside when there is plenty of room indoors out of the weather, but there were other areas inside where it looked as though others had made similar sleeping spaces.

Here's a little further back in the building.  This area was once filled with used mattresses, which I'm sure made it a convenient spot for vagrants.

I don't know what the story was with the broken glass.  Someone decided to sweep it all up apparently.

I went further into the building as well, but I suspected there were vagrants in other areas, so I didn't take any pictures and snuck in and out as quickly and quietly as possible since we were in such a remote spot.

Alexplored 6/16/07.
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